Welcome to Sambamaki!

Between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, Brazil became home to the biggest Japanese community outside Japan. As the community became more and more integrated into Brazilian culture, the traditional food slowly began to adapt. A fusion of Brazilian and Japanese food was formed. Makis got bigger, new flavours were gained and as the food started to reflect the powerful colours and tastes of the Brazilian land, Nikkei Burajiru jin was born.
Sambamaki is the espression of Nikkei Burajiru jin at its best, where cuisine becomes art through our choice of the best raw materials, the use of ancient traditional japanese techniques and the explosion of flavours typical of the Brazilian food culture.
Sambamaki Stockholm is the latest addition to the Sambamaki family, where every restaurant is unique, representing a design concept created and developed with deep attention to detail and a strong desire to let our guests experience the colorful joy and taste of Brazil.

  • Trader Vic
  • Sashimi
  • Bolinho bacalhau
  • Janeiro Julep
  • Samba mule
  • Salmao Sashimi
  • Atum
  • Gold salmao
  • Tematcha
  • Chef gourmet
  • Gunkan Flambado
  • chef rolls fantastico

A beautiful story

Ricardo Takamitsu, born to Japanese mother and Brazilian father, begin his career at the age of 22 at Nakombi, one of the most renowned restaurants in San Paolo. In 2006 Ricardo moved to Tokyo, to enhance his tecnique and deepen his knowledge of the traditional Japanese food culture, mastering the art of merging tastes and simple ingredients and reaching new heights in his creations.

Later on he moved to Italy, were he became one of the best sushi man in Europe. Today, Ricardo is host to one of the most famous cooking shows in Italy and owns, together with his business partner Riccardo Di Salvo, three restaurant in Rome.